Søstrene Grene is presenting its first series of indulgent bath and care products for the youngest members of the family. The series is gentle on the skin and produced in Denmark – a safe choice for both baby and parents.

Safe baby care with new bath and care series

It should be easy to make a safe choice when buying bath and care products for our children. Therefore, Søstrene Grene has launched a new bath and care series, designed specifically for the youngest members of the family. The series comprises four products – baby shampoo, baby bath soap, baby oil and zinc cream – that all are gentle on the skin and contain no perfume.

With the new series, Søstrene wants to contribute to making sure that the products applied to the skin every day are perfectly safe. It has therefore been particularly important to ensure that the products in the new bath and care series for babies meet the most stringent requirements, making sure that parents can safely pamper their little darlings with these new products.

To guarantee this, all the products carry labels which help us make conscious choices when buying bath and care products for ourselves and our children. The products in Søstrene Grene’s bath and care series therefore carry the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, the Asthma Allergy Nordic label, the Vegan Trademark and the Ecocert – Cosmos certification. 

The labels can be found on the packaging. Read more about the bath and care series labels here: https://sostrenegrene.com/da/maerkninger-og-certificeringer/

Safe baby care with new bath and care series

Mild shampoo for babies and children

The new shampoo in Søstrene Grene’s bath and care series is mild and contains no perfume. The product must be rubbed gently into the hair, and then rinsed with water. The mild formulation of the shampoo, which contains blueberry extract for example, makes the product equally suitable for washing the hair of babies as well as older children.

Baby shampoo. Price per item DKK 48.80

Moisturising bath soap for small children

Containing, for example, blueberries, aloe vera extract and glycerin, Søstrene Grene’s bath soap helps to preserve the natural moisture balance of the skin, leaving it feeling wonderfully soft. The bath soap can be added to the bath water or applied directly from the bottle to your child’s skin. Also suitable for older children.

Bath soap. Price per item DKK 48.80

Nourishing and softening zinc cream

Søstrene Grene’s baby zinc cream contains shea butter, sunflower oil, blueberry extract and aloe vera, which together have emollient, moisturising and curative properties. The cream has a high content of zinc oxide, which is good for sore baby bottoms and irritated skin in the nappy area.

Baby zinc cream Price per item DKK 18.80

Baby oil

Baby massage is a wonderful experience treasured by babies and parents alike. You can also add 1-2 drops of baby oil to the bath water for a special emollient and nourishing effect. Distribute the baby oil in water before lowering the baby into the bath – and when taking the baby out again, please note that his or her skin may be a bit slippery from the oil. Baby oil is also good for babies suffering from cradle cap. Leave the oil in the hair for a few hours before combing it with a fine-tooth comb to lift off the flakes.

Baby oil. Price per item DKK 48.80

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