You can buy shoppers with motifs, but you can, of course, also decorate your own bags. Anna definitely recommends doing your own, which is why she has been busy painting and embroidering cotton shoppers.

Ideas for use of cotton shoppers
Anna uses cotton shoppers for a wealth of different purposes:

Hang the cotton shopper on a coat rack, and use it for gloves, toys or perhaps something else entirely.

Take your cotton shopper with you when you go shopping to avoid having to pay for new bags every time.

Use a cotton shopper as your everyday bag – with plenty of room for a book or a warm jersey.

Shopper with print and embroidery

Personalise your cotton shopper
The style which Anna has aimed for with this cotton shopper is raw, yet feminine. Using delicate colours together with vibrant ones, and combining embroidery with textile paint, she has skilfully created a personal shopper with lots of character.

You are welcome to copy her design – but why not try to make your own? Start, for example, with textile paint in soft pink, which may be applied to the fabric using a stamp, and then combine with cobalt blue embroidery thread in delicate patterns.

All the materials can be found at Søstrene Grene

Embroidery on cotton shopper
‘Embroidery’ may sound frighteningly difficult, but Anna is pleased to announce that there are no strict rules for this embroidery project. Thread the needle, and start playing with the material. You may find inspiration in Anna’s embroideries which are neither cross-stitch nor based on any other known techniques. Just make sure that you do not prick yourself on the needle.

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