For 10 persons.

1/4 cleaned celeriac
4 skined carrot
4 potatoes with skin
1 leek
1/2 broccoli in small pieces
250 g. frozen spinach in balls
8 eggs
2,5 dl. cream
1 tbs. salt
A large pie pan covered with a layer of thin shortcrust pastry (the filling fits a pie of D 30 cm.)

Anna’s recipe:
The potatoes, the carrots and the celeriac is cleaned  and cut into cubes. The cubes are given a short boil in water with salt, and hereafter they are cooled in ice cold water.

The broccoli and the leeks are blanched in boiling water and hereafter cooled in ice cold water. Toss them together with the root vegetables and the frozen spinach, and pour it all into the pie pan.

The eggs are whipped together with cream and salt, and then poured over the vegetables.

The pie is baked in the oven for 40 min. at 150 degrees celcius. In Café Grene, Aarhus, the pie is browned in the oven with cheddar before serving, and it is decorated with pesto and pumpkin seeds.

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