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Accessories Yarn and Recipes

Personal and practical bag for knitting and crochet projects

On Anna and Clara’s travels, Anna always brings her knitting and crochet projects so her desire to create can run free on the road as well. The bag makes it easy to bring the yarn projects. There is a hole for the yarn, and the compartments inside the bag keep...

Accessories Yarn and Recipes

Get a free crochet pattern for charming clutch

Create a personalised crochet clutch in your favourite colours with the sisters’ tube yarn which gives a nice, soft result. “The clutch is also a wonderful and personal gift idea,” Anna tells. You can print the pattern here: Download Materials: Anna and Clara’s tube yarn, 3 x 50 g balls...

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Soft and comfortable velour. A belt can quickly become the little detail that makes the big different. This inspired Anna to create this velour design, which is easy to make at home. Tip Clara recommends making the belt in several different colours so you have a selection to choose from....

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Carefully crafted with beautiful leather. “It is easy to tell the house key and car key apart when they are on separate keyrings,” explains Clara. Download Method 1. Transfer the template to baking paper, see how on page 5. Trace the template onto the kraft paper. When cutting out the...


How to make a bag strap

Make a personalised strap for your bag, where you can customise length, colours and hooks for a personal expression. You do not have to be experienced with sewing to make a bag strap like Anna’s, and this way, you can easily repair your favorite bag or give an old bag...

Accessories Home and Interior

Shopper with print and embroidery

You can buy shoppers with motifs, but you can, of course, also decorate your own bags. Anna definitely recommends doing your own, which is why she has been busy painting and embroidering cotton shoppers. Ideas for use of cotton shoppers Anna uses cotton shoppers for a wealth of different purposes:...

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Felt sleeve for tablet or smartphone

Wrap tech devices in soft textiles. Protect these fragile devices from scratches by making a sleeve in 100% pure wool. “Both stylish and practical,” as Clara would say. Method 1. Measure your tablet or smartphone and transfer the measurements to the felt. Add one centimetre to each side and at...

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Leather key chain

Keep track of your keys. Clara always knows where her keys are – Anna, on the other hand, is not as organised. However, a key chain is very helpful. Method 1. Cut a strip of leather to the desired length for the key chain. Remember the leather will be folded...


DIY – Fabric flower accessories

Anna has spent some of her afternoon making fine hair accessories of Søstrene Grene’s patchwork fabric. Watch the video and be inspired. Did you like this post? – please do not hesitate to share it with your friends:


DIY – Hair accessories made from straws

Make cute little bows out of straws and create your own hair accessories quickly and easily. Cut the long end of the straw so you end up having just as much straw on both sides of the “bend”. Cut a slit right up to the "bend" at both ends. First,...

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