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Food and Recipes

Tasty and easy-made Madeleine cakes

The sisters’ silicone baking mould and baking mix for Madeleine cakes make it easy to bake the sweet creations. Decorate the cakes with icing sugar and organic lemon zest. List of materials for this DIY project: Silicone baking mould for Madeleine cakes Baking mix for Madeleine cakes Organic lemon Icing...

Christmas and Holidays Food and Recipes

Make sweet bunny buns for the Easter table

Surprise your guests with small bunny buns for the Easter table. This is a DIY project ideal to make together with children, making you able to transform dough into sweet animals together – and with Søstrene Grene’s organic baking mix for bread and baguette, the project does not require great...

Food and Recipes

DIY – Brioche rolls recipe

BRIOCHE ROLLS – A FRENCH CLASSIC French indulgence in cosy surroundings. 100 ML CREAM · 25 G YEAST · ¼ TSP COARSE SALT 350 G FLOUR · 100 G SOFT BUTTER · 1½ TBSP SUGAR 2 EGGS FOR THE DOUGH · 1 EGG FOR BRUSHING Heat the cream and crumble...

Christmas and Holidays

DIY – Christmas biscuits

”Christmas is a time for baking,” Anna always says. Watch this video in which she bakes Christmas biscuits at Kronborg Castle. Download recipe Did you like this post? – please do not hesitate to share it with your friends:

Food and Recipes

DIY – Handwritten recipes on manila tags

The light mini pavlovas with crisp meringue crunch and whipped cream are just perfect for summer, Anna believes. Play the video and see how Anna decorates gluten-free pavlovas with the berries of the season, while the recipe is carefully written on a manila tag. Print Anna’s Pavlova recept Should you...

Gift Wrapping Party and Decoration

DIY – A cosy hostess gift

Labels are required when making home-baked goodies, Anna feels. Play the video and be inspired by Anna’s labels with the wonderful words ’homemade’, ’thank you’, and ’great day’. This way, you may create joy with a homemade and cosy hostess gift next time someone invites you to their home. Download...

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