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Garden and plant decoration

Decorative and practical plant labels

With self-hardening clay, you can easily make personal plant labels which will look decorative while helping to keep track of your plants. It is exciting for children and adults alike to follow the growth from seeds to sprouts to full-grown plants. Anna and Clara recommend that you use home-made plant...

Home and Interior

Clay dish with acrylic paint

Homemade clay dishes decorated with acrylic paint instantly create hygge and personality in your bathroom. “A water-resistant varnish will make your creations more tolerant and at the same time give them a neat, polished look,” Anna reminds us. Did you like this post? – please do not hesitate to share...

DIY Catalogue

Embossed napkin rings

Lay a table with classic elegance. Anna was inspired by the beauty of marble when creating these napkin rings in clay.“Classic, simple and elegant,” in Anna’s own words. Method 1. Roll out three pieces of clay, as shown in the photo. 2. Twist the three pieces together, then knead carefully...

DIY Catalogue

Clay decorations with glitter

Add a bit of glamour to your home interiors. Shimmering decorations can give your daily routine a festive feel, according to the sisters. Method 1. Knead glitter in your chosen colour into the clay. 2. If you only want glitter on half the decoration, create two balls of clay –...

DIY Catalogue

Clay ornaments with pressed patterns

Make adorable hanging decorations with natural motifs. In Clara’s mind, ‘clay’ and ‘play’ are synonymous. What could be more fun than transforming this natural material into little hanging decorations with delicate patterns. Method 1. Knead the clay, then roll it out flat. Gently press patterns into the clay using the...

DIY Catalogue

Clay wall hanging

Make a wonderful wall decoration for your home. Be inspired by the sisters’ bold and tasteful choice of colours, which stand out beautifully against a classic white background. Method 1. Knead the clay, then roll it out flat. Make shapes using the clay cutters. Make either one or two holes...

DIY Catalogue Home and Interior

Trivets made of clay

Anna wishes to protect her dining table in a decorative way. That is why, she has created fine, colourful trivets made of clay. Materials: Self-hardening clay, 500g EUR 3.64 / GBP 3.63 Varnish, 50 ml. EUR 2.22 / GBP 4.12 Acrylic paint, Price per six-pack from EUR 2.79 / GBP...

Home and Interior Yarn and Recipes

Clay ornaments

Anna has made small ornaments that are being displayed on the fresh branches and flowers she just grabbed from the garden. In the video, you can see how you can make ornaments made of clay and yarn yourself. Material: Modeling clays, price per item  EUR 3,64 / GBP 3,63 Yarn,...

Food and Recipes

Marshmallows with toppings

Anna likes to surprise Hilmer and Clara with sweet temptations. In the video, you can see Anna making easy marshmallows with chocolate and sprinkles. Material: Marshmallows, price per pack EUR 1,14 / GBP 0,97 Seal bags, price per pack EUR 1,24 / GBP 1,23 *RRP Find the items in your...

Home and Interior

Jewellery dish made of clay

When Hilmer the other day accidently broke the sisters’ monstera plant, Anna quickly got an idea. In the video, you can see how Anna makes a beautiful jewellery dish with leaf prints. Material: Clay, price per pack EUR 3,64 / GBP 3,63 *RRP Find the items in your local Søstrene...

Home and Interior

Personal key ring

Anna has used the afternoon creating little, personal key rings for the nephew Hilmer. Watch the video and discover how you can do the same. Materials: Key ring,  price per pack EUR 1,24 / GBP 1,19 Clay, price per pack EUR 3,42 / GBP 3,38 *RRP Find the items in...

Home and Interior

DIY – Jewellery display

Clara often forgets where she has left her jewellery. Therefore, Anna has made her a discreet and graceful jewellery display. That way, Clara will always know where to find them. Materials: Clay, price per pack EUR 3,42 / GBP 3,29 *RRP Find the items in your local Søstrene Grene from...

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