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Get Anna and Clara’s delightful bead patterns

Søstrene Grene has developed two charming bead patterns inspired by a magical fairy-tale world and easy to make even for the littlest ones. Find the free printable template here. Creating bead designs is an activity that encourages reflection and creates moments of ‘hygge’ on busy days. Anna treasures such moments,...

Home and Interior

DIY – Mobile made from straws

Anna suddenly had an idea and swiftly dug up straws and felt balls from the drawer. Play the video and see how Anna creates a mobile from straws, beads in spring colours and felt balls in various sizes. Anna has used six straws of 12 cm. She recommends that you...

Home and Interior

DIY – Mobile with paper birds

Welcome the spring indoors with a colourful mobile made from paper baubles and birds. Play the video and watch how Anna conjures up design paper baubles with the circle cutter and then cuts out the birds. Hereafter, you simply need to find a spot for them to hang, Anna says....

Party and Decoration

DIY – Fun wall hangings

Have you ever held a party and had leftover party accessories afterwards? In this video, Anna gives you an idea of how to use your leftovers to make a fun wall hanging decoration for your children's room or the cottage. Did you like this post? – please do not hesitate...

Home and Interior

DIY – decorate your home with a deco mobile

Anna instantly saw the chance to start the sewing machine and designed this deco mobile made of leather and felt balls. Did you like this post? – please do not hesitate to share it with your friends:

Home and Interior

DIY – Origami cubes for hanging

Materials: Design Paper 30 x 30 cm., Twine, Scissors. Anna's recipe: Cut 4 x 30 cm strips of paper. Thread a needle Step 1: Start at one end with the white side og the paper upwards Fold a triangle by having the corners meet. Turn the paper and fold another...

Home and Interior

DIY – Cloud in felt

Anna made a little pink cloud for a present. If you would like to make your own little cloud, you can see Anna's guide here. Materials: 2 x A4 Felt (Anna´s cloud is two-coloured) Embroider thread Sewing thread Cushion filling or wadding Anna's recipe: Print a template of the cloud...

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