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Christmas and Holidays

Embellish deco eggs with precious feathers

Adorning the home with beautiful Easter eggs is a natural part of celebrating Easter. When it comes to Easter eggs, as well as other seasonal decorations, Anna has a soft spot for the homemade kind. The sisters’ deco eggs can be painted or decorated with all sorts of embellishments. In...

Home and Interior

Create lovely animals from rice paper lamps

Let yourself be inspired by Anna’s latest DIY project and transform rice paper lamps into lovely and funny animals. Anna could not help herself, and she has created both a jellyfish, a unicorn and an owl. Which animal would you make? List of materials for this DIY project: Rice paper...

Food and Recipes Party and Decoration

Homemade isomalt lollipops with edible flowers

Use isomalt to create beautiful decorations for cakes and cupcakes. The ornamental lollipops can be decorated with edible flowers and sprinkles. “A fun and unusual detail for the cakes,” if you ask Anna. Remember to use edible, unsprayed flowers. Materials: Isomalt Lollipop sticks Cupcake cases Anna and Clara’s Muffin Baking...

Yarn and Recipes

How to create a lovely mobile with yarn birds

Turn yarn into adorable birds and let them adorn the living room or children’s room. For Anna, this is a cosy way to work with yarn which even brings a feeling of spring into the home. She recommends that you explore the abundance of carefully selected yarn colours in stores...

Home and Interior

Personalised play suitcases for the family vacation

When Anna and Clara go on vacation or an outing with their nephew, they always bring entertainment for the little one. Anna has created three versions of a suitcase for play and storage that are personalised with paint and self-adhesive foil. List of materials for this DIY project: Play suitcase...

Party and Decoration

How to create a colourful and decorative flower decoration

Anna has created a colourful and flowery decoration from branches and lovely paper flowers. “Let the fine, adorned birch branches decorate nicely during the spring months while we patiently wait for fresh summer flowers,” Anna advices. List of materials for this DIY project: A bouquet of branches Tissue paper Felt...

Party and Decoration

How to create splendid and personalised masquerade masks

With Anna’s template, the entire family can easily create personalised and creative masks. Make it a fun-filled joint activity when creating these festive masks, that can be made from both paper and felt and decorated with tremendous trimmings such as felt balls and feathers. Download List of materials for this...

Party and Decoration

How to make personalised cards for celebrations and festivities

Enjoy a peaceful moment to create sweet cards and invitations for this year’s upcoming celebrations and festivities. “It is wonderful both to be the sender and recipient of a card made especially for a loved one,” Anna tells. List of materials for this DIY project: Anna and Clara’s A5 cards...

Party and Decoration

How to create personalised invitations with dainty details

Carefully created invitations are a pleasure to hand out, and with Anna’s creative details, you can easily add a personal touch to your invitations. Apply a manila tag, dried flowers and finally a stamp seal to create unique invitations that surely will bring joy. List of materials for this DIY...

Home and Interior

How to make fine bowls from glue and paper

Combine paper with Anna and Clara’s glue and discover how you can create unique and personalised bowls with few means and materials. Layer by layer, the paper is glued together, thus creating the bowls which are ideal for decorative storage. List of materials for this DIY project: Anna and Clara’s...

Yarn and Recipes

How to create a decorative pennant from glue and yarn

With just two ingredients, you can create the finest letters and figures that will look lovely displayed on a pennant. “It is wonderful how glue and yarn can be transformed into small unique creations,” Anna says. List of materials for this DIY project: Anna and Clara’s glue Yarn Cardboard remains...

Home and Interior

How to create lovely wall decorations from self-hardening clay

Self-hardening clay is a wonderful versatile material for creative projects, if you ask Anna, and most recently, she has used it to create lovely wall decorations. Learn more in the video and on the website where Anna shares her templates for the moon and rainbow figures. Download List of materials...

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