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Christmas and Holidays Food and Recipes

Make sweet bunny buns for the Easter table

Surprise your guests with small bunny buns for the Easter table. This is a DIY project ideal to make together with children, making you able to transform dough into sweet animals together – and with Søstrene Grene’s organic baking mix for bread and baguette, the project does not require great...

Christmas and Holidays Food and Recipes

Surprise with home-made chocolate egg

Venture into the art of chocolate and send a loving thought to someone you hold dear with a home-made chocolate egg. The sisters’ chocolate mould for the occasion makes it easy to create a whole egg – and remember that you can find both white, milk and dark chocolate at...

Food and Recipes

Impress with isomalt

Explore and test new techniques when decorating your cakes. For example, you can bake fine muffins with Søstrene Grene’s baking mix, garnish with the sisters’ custard cream and add an extra wow effect with decorations of isomalt. TIP: Apply a few drops of taste-neutral oil to the spoon before you...

Food and Recipes

Danish seeded pastry twists recipe (“Frøsnappere”)

Makes: 16 Ingredients Pastry dough 30 g yeast 2½ dl milk, lukewarm 50 g soft butter 50 g sugar 500 g organic baking mix, bread and baguettes from Søstrene Grene 1 egg, lightly whipped Pumpkin seeds Remonce 100 g sugar 150 g soft butter 1 tsp cardamom 1 tsp. ginger,...

Food and Recipes

Danish medal pastry recipe (”Medaljer”)

Ingredients Shortcrust pastry 500 g wheat flour 350 g butter 150 g icing sugar 1 egg Fillings Jam from Søstrene Grene Custard cream from Søstrene Grene ¼ l cream Icing sugar to make icing. You can decorate with sprinkles from Søstrene Grene or lemon zest. Method Mix flour and icing...

Food and Recipes

Olive and tomato focaccia bread recipe

Ingredients Bread 4 dl water 20 g yeast 3 tbsp olive oil 500 g organic baking mix, bread and baguettes from Søstrene Grene Salt Toppings Rosemary 2-3 tbsp olive oil Black olives Small tomatoes Salt Method Dissolve the yeast in the water. Add salt and olive oil. Now add the...

Food and Recipes

Simple cake decoration with isomalt

“Isomalt is not as difficult to use as most people imagine,” Anna explains. Even as a beginner, you can easily use isomalt to create fine and personal decorations for your cakes. Tip: Decorate the isomalt flakes with the sisters’ sprinkles while still warm. When the flakes are cold, they can...

Food and Recipes

Shortcrust pastry with raspberry jam recipe

Ingredients Shortcrust pastry 500 g wheat flour 350 g butter 150 g icing sugar 1 egg Fillings Raspberry jam from Søstrene Grene Icing sugar to make icing You can decorate with sprinkles from Søstrene Grene or freeze-dried raspberries Method Mix flour and icing sugar. Divide the soft butter into smaller...

Food and Recipes

Anna and Clara’s crispy cookies with muesli

Makes: 12 Ingredients 100 g sugar 150 g brown sugar 140 g butter, at room temperature 1 large egg 175 g plain flour 100 g Søstrene Grene’s organic muesli 1 tsp baking powder ½ tsp baking soda 1 tsp salt 1 tsp vanilla sugar 100 g dark chocolate Method Beat...

Food and Recipes

Crispy and hearty salad

Did you know that, botanically, quinoa is neither a grain nor a cereal? It belongs to the Salicornia family, together with spinach and beetroot. Anna and Clara are currently very enthusiastic about quinoa, as it is a good source of fibre and a great supplement to their evening salad. INGREDIENTS...

Food and Recipes Gift Wrapping

Decorative tea kit

When Anna is invited to dinner, she always brings along a fine, little gift for the host. In the video, she puts together a tea kit for the host who fancies drinking a nice cup of tea once in a while. You can print the template here: Download Materials: Jar...

Food and Recipes

Creative fruit dish

When Hilmer has playmates visiting, they get very excited when Anna serves them an irresistible fruit platter. In the video, you can see Anna decorating the plate with fruit and vegetables. “If the fruit platter is served for smaller children the grapes must be cut in halves,” Clara friendly notes....

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