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Gift Wrapping

Make personal gift certificates

Gift certificates and sweet experiences can be wrapped up as lovely cards to the delight of the receiver. Find the small envelopes at Søstrene Grene, and add a card describing the experience your dear ones can look forward to. Personalise the card by decorating it with small drawings or stickers,...

Gift Wrapping

Make fine gift boxes from reused cardboard

Stylish decorations for your home For Clara, there can be no Christmas without a display of graceful angels. You can print the template here: Download Did you like this post? – please do not hesitate to share it with your friends:

Gift Wrapping

Personalised gift boxes for special occasions

Be inspired by Søstrene Grene’s ideas on how to easily create personalised gift boxes for baby showers, birthdays and other special occasions. There is nothing like a lovingly personalised gift to warm the heart, if you ask Anna and Clara. A personalised gift box is a special way of presenting...

Gift Wrapping

Create your own centre for gift wrapping

Clara has created a practical gift wrap wall hanging to organise the sisters’ preferred gift-wrapping paper and ribbon. “The wall hanging also sets the atmosphere for a moment of contemplation,” Clara believes. Did you like this post? – please do not hesitate to share it with your friends:

Christmas and Holidays

Gift-wrapping idea

Have a look at the video in which Anna demonstrates how you can make beautiful, large stars that may be used as gift-wrapping decorations or Christmas ornaments. You can add beads to the final stars, if you want. Did you like this post? – please do not hesitate to share...

Christmas and Holidays

Gift wrapping with extra features

Treat your loved ones to a Christmas gift and a beautiful Christmas stocking brimming with sweets and a thoughtful Christmas card. Did you like this post? – please do not hesitate to share it with your friends:

DIY Catalogue Gift Wrapping

Decorate with flowers

Flowers for the host or hostess. Pamper your loved ones not just with a gift, but also with a beautiful bouquet of delicately wrapped flowers. Materials: The materials and tools used will be available for sale from Thursday 27 September 2018 and while stocks last. Did you like this post?...

Gift Wrapping

Creative gift wrap

A fun and different gift wrap makes it even more exciting to open a present, Anna thinks. In the video, Anna decorates a present with a homemade hot air balloon. Did you like this post? – please do not hesitate to share it with your friends:

Food and Recipes Gift Wrapping

Decorative tea kit

When Anna is invited to dinner, she always brings along a fine, little gift for the host. In the video, she puts together a tea kit for the host who fancies drinking a nice cup of tea once in a while. You can print the template here: Download Materials: Jar...

Gift Wrapping

Housewarming present

Are one of your dear ones getting ready to move out of home? In the video, Anna has gathered inspiration for a housewarming present that certainly will bring joy to the small, new home. Materials: Concrete tray, price per item EUR 7,03 / GBP 6,94 Jar with silicone, price per...

Gift Wrapping

Make patterns with 3D stamps

It is exciting to create your own patterns and designs, Anna thinks. Watch the video and discover how you can decorate boxes with 3D stamps. Materials: 3D stamps, price per pack EUR 1,68 / GBP 1,64 Foldingbox, price per pack EUR 1,08 / GBP 1,06 Ribbon, price per item EUR...

Gift Wrapping

Homemade flower box

From time to time, Anna likes to present her dear ones with a little bunch of flowers.  Watch the video and discover how you can arrange pretty flowers in a box. Materials: Satin ribbon EUR 2,24 / GBP 1,98 *RRP Find the items in your local Søstrene Grene from week...

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