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Christmas and Holidays

Personal gifts on canvas

Gather your family for a cosy afternoon and create small homemade Christmas gifts on canvases. Did you like this post? – please do not hesitate to share it with your friends:

Food and Recipes Gift Wrapping

Decorative tea kit

When Anna is invited to dinner, she always brings along a fine, little gift for the host. In the video, she puts together a tea kit for the host who fancies drinking a nice cup of tea once in a while. You can print the template here: Download Materials: Jar...

Gift Wrapping

Housewarming present

Are one of your dear ones getting ready to move out of home? In the video, Anna has gathered inspiration for a housewarming present that certainly will bring joy to the small, new home. Materials: Concrete tray, price per item EUR 7,03 / GBP 6,94 Jar with silicone, price per...

Gift Wrapping

Make patterns with 3D stamps

It is exciting to create your own patterns and designs, Anna thinks. Watch the video and discover how you can decorate boxes with 3D stamps. Materials: 3D stamps, price per pack EUR 1,68 / GBP 1,64 Foldingbox, price per pack EUR 1,08 / GBP 1,06 Ribbon, price per item EUR...

Gift Wrapping

Homemade flower box

From time to time, Anna likes to present her dear ones with a little bunch of flowers.  Watch the video and discover how you can arrange pretty flowers in a box. Materials: Satin ribbon EUR 2,24 / GBP 1,98 *RRP Find the items in your local Søstrene Grene from week...

Christmas and Holidays

Concrete Easter eggs with sweets

Rustic concrete Easter eggs are decorative on the outside and offer a tasty surprise on the inside. “Perfect as a host or hostess gift for your loved ones,” Anna says. Did you like this post? – please do not hesitate to share it with your friends:

Gift Wrapping

Idea for gift wrapping

”The perfect gift wrapping for the bag enthusiast,” Anna says. Have a peek at the video and discover how you can create an eye-catching wrapping for the special hostess or birthday girl. Did you like this post? – please do not hesitate to share it with your friends:

Gift Wrapping

DIY – Yarn bouquet

Treat one of your loved ones to a fine yarn bouquet. Anna is certain that it will create excitement for any knitting or crochet enthusiast. View and discover how Anna creates a creative yarn bouquet. Materials: Yarn, price per item EUR 1,73 / GBP 1,76 Cellophane, price per item EUR...

Food and Recipes

DIY – Tasteful chocolate pieces

The sisters are fond of bringing a sweet, homemade host or hostess gift when they are on visits.  In this video, you can see how Anna creates tasteful chocolate pieces. Materials: Cellophane, price per item EUR 1,28 / GBP 1,18 Satin ribbon, prices from EUR 0,87 / GBP 0,77 *RRP...

Food and Recipes

DIY – Brownie mix to the hostess

Anna likes to bring a small present for the hostess whenever she and Clara visit friends. In this video, Anna shows how you can create a home-made brownie mix which your dear ones can finish. Materials: Patent glass, prices from EUR 2,23 / GBP 2,18 Gift cards, prices from EUR...

Gift Wrapping

DIY – Gift-wrapping idea with glitter tape

Anna is a fond of giving presents to her dear ones, and she keeps coming up with new ideas on how she can wrap the presents. Have a look at the video and discover how Anna this time has worked with glitter tape. Materials: Glitter, price per pack EUR 0,69...

Party and Decoration

DIY – A table-setting idea

Present your guests with a small memento of a wonderful evening. In this video, Anna sets an elegant table and places a wooden spoon on every napkin as a party favour for her guests. Materials: Acacia wood spoon, price per item EUR 1,98 / GBP 1,96 *RRP Find the items...

Gift Wrapping

DIY – Personal decoration for gifts and cards

The smallest of details can make a wonderful difference, as Anna typically says, and that is why she draws dainty patterns on both gifts and cards with Effekt Liners. Effekt Liners can be used on almost every surface – also textiles. Materials: Effect Liners, price per item  EUR 3,49 /...

Gift Wrapping

DIY – Gift wrapping idea

A fun and alternative type of gift wrapping which certainly will evoke joy, Anna believes. Watch the video and discover how Anna makes a gift look like a handsome dress shirt. Materials: Gift wrap, prices from EUR  1,12 / GBP 1,04 Buttons, Price per pack EUR  1,67 / GBP 1,63...

Home and Interior

DIY – Finger painting fun

Create wonderful animals and fun family portraits with finger paint. Have a look at the video in which Anna transforms colourful handprints into fun motifs. This is an activity for the entire family. Materials: Finger paint, price per item EUR  3,79 / GBP 3,44 Find the items in your local...

Christmas and Holidays Party and Decoration Stationery

DIY – Gift card template

If you are a bit behind on the Christmas shopping, Anna has just the solution. Her fourth and final Advent gift is a gift card template you can fill in yourself. You can print the templates here: Download  Did you like this post? – please do not hesitate to share...

Gift Wrapping

DIY – Wrap a bouquet of flowers

“Sweet scented flowers and wonderful colours combined can make a bundle of love”, Anna says. Play Anna’s DIY video and learn the basic techniques for wrapping flowers. Either present a loved one with the bouquet or use it as a table decoration for a summer event. Should you wish to...

Accessories Stationery

DIY – School timetable

Anna has designed two timetables, which you can both download and print. “Fill the timetable and create an overview of school lessons and weekly homework,” Clara suggests. Download the timetables here: Timetable 1 Timetable 2 Should you wish to find further DIY videos, you can subscribe to Søstrene Grene’s YouTube...

Gift Wrapping

DIY – a different kind of gift wrapping

The sisters have been invited to a grand party and Anna has made a big deal out of wrapping the present. Play the DIY video and find inspiration for a different kind of gift wrapping. Fill the pocket with beautiful summer flowers, gift tags, feathers or other decorations suited for...

Gift Wrapping

DIY – Wrap a bouquet of flowers

Perhaps you are one of the lucky ones soon to have your garden full of beautiful flowers? In today’s DIY video you can see how easily you can wrap a beautiful bouquet of flowers to bring as a hostess gift. Did you like this post? – please do not hesitate...

Gift Wrapping

DIY – Custom boxes with treats

Treat your loved ones with a present for the holidays. Make your own little Easter box from paper cups and make someone really happy. Play the video and be inspired. Did you like this post? – please do not hesitate to share it with your friends:

Christmas and Holidays

DIY – Gift calendar inspiration

Anna and Clara know how long it can take to prepare for Christmas. Thus, the sisters wish to help all their sweet customers with inspiration for some Christmas traditions through a series of video-DIYs. In this video Anna likes to show how easy and inexpensive you easily can make your own...

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