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DIY – Macramé ornaments

On a trip to the beach the other day, Anna found some dainty pebbles. In this video, you can discover how to make you own macramé ornaments with pebbles, yarn and beads. Did you like this post? – please do not hesitate to share it with your friends:

Yarn and Recipes

How to create a lovely mobile with yarn birds

Turn yarn into adorable birds and let them adorn the living room or children’s room. For Anna, this is a cosy way to work with yarn which even brings a feeling of spring into the home. She recommends that you explore the abundance of carefully selected yarn colours in stores...

DIY Catalogue

Pot holders

Felted accessories for the kitchen. They say that knitting soothes a restless and troubled mind. And Anna certainly feels relaxed when she knits. 1. Image 1 shows a pot holder before the felting process, which takes place when you wash the pot holder at 40°C. 2. This is what the...

DIY Catalogue

Magazine rack

A lightweight kraft paper design. Show off your weeklies and magazines in style with Anna and Clara’s wall-mounted magazine rack which makes use of the vertical surfaces in a space. Method 1. First, iron the kraft paper. Now cut out a piece of kraft paper measuring 16x100 cm. This piece...

DIY Catalogue

Pendant lamp

Made with love and kraft paper. Anna was inspired by the flowers of late summer when she designed this pendant lampshade. Method 1. Iron the kraft paper. Now cut two pieces of paper measuring 13x30 cm (these are the A pieces) and two pieces measuring 14x30 cm (these are the...

Home and Interior

Create a decorative laundry bag

The practical home elements do not need to be boring, if you ask Anna. She suggests that you create a personal laundry basket in the colours that fit your home, and that you use the laundry bag actively in the interior, rather than hiding it away. Did you like this...

Home and Interior

How to use decorative wallpaper

See how creative bloggers have used Søstrene Grene’s decorative wallpaper on walls and in doll’s houses and to create wall art, headboards and even a lampshade. Creativity is all about seeing possibilities where others see constraints. This is one of the key ideas behind Søstrene Grene’s latest home interiors and...

Home and Interior

Make stunning lampshades

Creativity is crucial for the soul, if you ask Anna, who loves to design and create new home accessories. In fact, she is so fond of designing that she would like to share the pleasure with you. Be your own designer and make a unique lamp out of veneer for...

Home and Interior

Make paper art for the walls

Instead of throwing out scraps of wallpaper, Anna recommends that you keep them and turn them into beautiful works of art. “Recycling is simply wonderful,” as Anna always says. Watch the video where Anna shows how you can make unique paper artworks out of even the smallest bits of wallpaper....

Home and Interior

Personal and playful vase decoration

Decorate one of your vases at home and make it extra playful and personal with Anna’s suggestion for a vase decoration. The decorated vase with flowers in it will also make a wonderful hostess gift, according to Anna. Did you like this post? – please do not hesitate to share...

Home and Interior

Personal and practical rack

With a few beads, leather string and a piece of round timber, you can make a personal hanging rack for your favorite clothes in the bedroom, dishcloths in the kitchen or your collection of scarfs in the hall. The rack can be made in all sizes, but please be aware...

Home and Interior

Decorative noticeboard

Anna has created a charming noticeboard by carving fine motifs into a white canvas. The sisters use the boards for small check lists, pictures and seasonal decorations. “A practical beauty,” Clara chuckles. Did you like this post? – please do not hesitate to share it with your friends:

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