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Personal and practical bag for knitting and crochet projects

On Anna and Clara’s travels, Anna always brings her knitting and crochet projects so her desire to create can run free on the road as well. The bag makes it easy to bring the yarn projects. There is a hole for the yarn, and the compartments inside the bag keep...

Yarn and Recipes

DIY – Knit a dishcloth

Knitting is a sweet activity which can result in something highly useful, if you ask Anna. Download Have a look at the video in which Anna knits useful dishcloths for the kitchen. Anna's dishcloth in one-colour brioche stitch When the day draws to a close, Anna likes to make herself...

Yarn and Recipes


Anna is fond of imbuing every stitch with a thought for her loved ones. The shawl is knitted in the finest warm and colourful wool, which is sure to spread joy on cold days. Download MATERIALS FOR ANNA’S WOOLLEN SHAWL: Anna and Clara’s 100% wool (50 g) 5 balls (250...

Yarn and Recipes

Tea Cosy

This lovely tea cosy helps keep your tea hot during the cold months of the year. ”It is both practical and cosy,” believes Clara. You can print the template here: Download MATERIALS FOR THE TEA COSY: Anna and Clara’s woollen yarn, 3 grey balls (150 g) + 1 purple ball...

DIY Catalogue

Pot holders

Felted accessories for the kitchen. They say that knitting soothes a restless and troubled mind. And Anna certainly feels relaxed when she knits. 1. Image 1 shows a pot holder before the felting process, which takes place when you wash the pot holder at 40°C. 2. This is what the...


DIY – Leg warmers for children

Learn how to knit leg warmers with Anna and Clara by following the step-by-step guide below. Materials: Needle no 5 - circular needle or double pointed needles Søstrene Grene's wool Knit with double thread K = Knit P = Purl Anna's recipe: Cast on 40 sts on needle no 5...

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