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Leather bowl for odds and ends

Decorative storage. Jewellery, keys, drawing pins or something else entirely – these bowls are ideal for storing all manner of odds and ends, if you ask Clara. You can print the template here: Download Method 1. Trace the templates onto the leather, then cut out the shapes. 2. Mark the...

DIY Catalogue

Leather key chain

Keep track of your keys. Clara always knows where her keys are – Anna, on the other hand, is not as organised. However, a key chain is very helpful. Method 1. Cut a strip of leather to the desired length for the key chain. Remember the leather will be folded...

Home and Interior

DIY – Storage jars with dainty details

Anna has come up with the idea to decorate simple storage jars with lovely leather details, and in this video, you can see how. Material list: 1 gram of Lorem ipsum 1 kg of Lorem ipsum 1 gram of Lorem ipsum 1 spoon of Lorem ipsum Did you like this...

Home and Interior

DIY – Anna’s transformation of shelves

The wooden shelves from Anna’s studio may also store notebooks and postcards. Play the video and see how Anna has added a new function to the shelf with just a leather string. If you would like, you can hang your favourite postcard from the leather string. Should you wish to...

Home and Interior

DIY – Decorative box with leather handle

The colourful boxes can keep many treasures, Anna states, while she returns the paint brush to its usual spot on the work table. Play the video and see how Anna adorns the wooden boxes with brush strokes and acrylic paint. The leather handles are added as a finishing touch. Should...

Home and Interior

DIY – Boxes with leather string

Creative Anna has decorated practical, wooden boxes intended for storing apples. Play the DIY video and learn how to add a personal touch to the wooden boxes with acrylic paint and leather strings. Choose the colour you hold dearest. Should you wish to find further DIY videos, you can subscribe...

Home and Interior

DIY – decorate your home with a deco mobile

Anna instantly saw the chance to start the sewing machine and designed this deco mobile made of leather and felt balls. Did you like this post? – please do not hesitate to share it with your friends:


DIY – Bracelet in leather

Anna and Clara have made a big effort to find new products for their do-it-yourself projects this autumn. Here you can see how Anna makes a simple and easy bracelet. Did you like this post? – please do not hesitate to share it with your friends:


DIY – Key ring

Anna had made these key rings for Clara and herself. Now you can customize your own key ring with leather string and wooden beads. Watch the video for inspiration. Did you like this post? – please do not hesitate to share it with your friends:

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