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Home and Interior

Make a cosy doll house

Use wallpaper scraps, ice-lolly sticks, paint and paper to create a cosy mini home from a suitcase, and supplement with the sisters’ sweet furniture and figures for doll houses. It is both fun and educative for the child to design its own home, and it is also an experience to...

Home and Interior

Create a decorative laundry bag

The practical home elements do not need to be boring, if you ask Anna. She suggests that you create a personal laundry basket in the colours that fit your home, and that you use the laundry bag actively in the interior, rather than hiding it away. Did you like this...

Home and Interior

DIY – Creative project for children

“Have the children cut and decorate cardboard butterflies in fancy colours,” Anna suggests. Afterwards you simply hang the butterflies from branches as sweet springtime home decor. Material list: 1 gram of Lorem ipsum 1 kg of Lorem ipsum 1 gram of Lorem ipsum 1 spoon of Lorem ipsum You can...

Christmas and Holidays Party and Decoration

Trick or treat bags for Halloween

Let the children decorate their own Halloween bags with scary creatures. Let the children decorate their own Halloween bags with scary creatures. “The bags can easily be used to collect goodies at Halloween,” Anna reminds us. Materials: Gift bags, prices from EUR 0,49 / GBP 0,38 Acrylic paint, prices from...

DIY Catalogue Home and Interior

Trivets made of clay

Anna wishes to protect her dining table in a decorative way. That is why, she has created fine, colourful trivets made of clay. Materials: Self-hardening clay, 500g EUR 3.64 / GBP 3.63 Varnish, 50 ml. EUR 2.22 / GBP 4.12 Acrylic paint, Price per six-pack from EUR 2.79 / GBP...

Home and Interior

Paint your own work of art

With acrylic paint, empty canvasses and fine templates, you can easily create your own personal art on your walls. Anna has arranged with her nephew, Hilmer, that he gets to paint his own paintings the next time he visits. Did you like this post? – please do not hesitate to...


Make pipe cleaner stamps

Making fine, little stamps from pipe cleaners can be a cosy project the whole family can take part in, Anna thinks. In the video, you can see how you can shape the pipe cleaners into creative motifs. Materials: Pipe cleaners, price per pack  EUR 1,08 / GBP 1,06 Acrylic paint,...

Home and Interior

Create personal patterns and designs

Anna likes to try out new painting methods. This time she has experimented with painting on a string. Watch the video and get inspiration for making personal patterns and designs. Materials: Acrylic paint, price per item EUR 1,84 / GBP 1,74 *RRP Find the items in your local Søstrene Grene...


Colouring with watercolours

After a couple of busy days, Anna finds the watercolours to concentrate on motives and colours. Watch the video and get ideas for new motives which are perfect for colouring with watercolours. Materials: Watercolours, price per pack EUR 3,78 / GBP 3,54 Watercolour pad, price per pack EUR 4,04 /...


Paint images with water brushes

It is always exciting to try new painting techniques, believes Anna. Watch the video and discover how you can paint recognisable images with the sisters’ new water brushes. Materials: Water brush, price per item EUR 2,78 / GBP 2,75 Watercolours, price per item EUR 3,78 / GBP 3,54 Water colour pad,...

Home and Interior

Decorate your wooden boxes

Anna suggests that you give the simple wooden boxes a personal touch. Watch the video and discover how you can decorate the boxes with acrylic paint and napkins. Materials: Wooden boxes Napkins Acrylic paint   Find the items in your local Søstrene Grene from week 17, 2018 and while supplies...

Home and Interior

Cut motives on painting canvases

Creative souls can use a canvas for many other things than painting projects, Anna thinks. Have a peek at the video on how to make fine little motives on a canvas. You can print the template here: Download Did you like this post? – please do not hesitate to share...

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