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Party and Decoration

DIY – Decorative table setting for dinner parties

Even though Anna is a seasoned hostess, she likes to rehearse how to set the dinner table before the day of the spring dinner party. Play the video and see if you can find decorative inspiration for future dinner parties. Should you wish to find further DIY videos, you can...

Party and Decoration

DIY – Set a creative spring table

The empty table is gradually being covered in delicate colours, several types of decorations and with an oasis of flowers. Now, the guests are welcome to take their seats, Anna thinks. Play the video and see how Anna decorates the spring table. This may also prove to be inspiration for...

Party and Decoration

DIY – Wedding preparations, place cards and table setting

Spring is a popular time for weddings. Are you one of the lucky ones to arrange a wedding party, then Anna gives inspiration for the table setting in this video. All products are available at Søstrene Grene. Did you like this post? – please do not hesitate to share it...

Party and Decoration

DIY – Creative invitations with soap bubble print

Anna is making festive decorations and invitations with bubble print, and she is excited to show you exactly how. Mix you acrylic paint with soap water and blow bubbles in the mixture with a straw. End up with a formidable result when you apply the bubbles to both the invitations...

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