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Food and Recipes

A food collection overflowing with a love of food, organics and culinary experiences

Søstrene Grene’s food collection has been developed with a strong focus on great flavours and organic produce. A third of the products are organic. We can’t eat more, but we can eat better. This is the mantra behind Søstrene Grene’s food collection which is all about the love of food,...

Food and Recipes

Danish seeded pastry twists recipe (“Frøsnappere”)

Makes: 16 Ingredients Pastry dough 30 g yeast 2½ dl milk, lukewarm 50 g soft butter 50 g sugar 500 g organic baking mix, bread and baguettes from Søstrene Grene 1 egg, lightly whipped Pumpkin seeds Remonce 100 g sugar 150 g soft butter 1 tsp cardamom 1 tsp. ginger,...

Food and Recipes

Danish medal pastry recipe (”Medaljer”)

Ingredients Shortcrust pastry 500 g wheat flour 350 g butter 150 g icing sugar 1 egg Fillings Jam from Søstrene Grene Custard cream from Søstrene Grene ¼ l cream Icing sugar to make icing. You can decorate with sprinkles from Søstrene Grene or lemon zest. Method Mix flour and icing...

Food and Recipes

Olive and tomato focaccia bread recipe

Ingredients Bread 4 dl water 20 g yeast 3 tbsp olive oil 500 g organic baking mix, bread and baguettes from Søstrene Grene Salt Toppings Rosemary 2-3 tbsp olive oil Black olives Small tomatoes Salt Method Dissolve the yeast in the water. Add salt and olive oil. Now add the...

Food and Recipes

Shortcrust pastry with raspberry jam recipe

Ingredients Shortcrust pastry 500 g wheat flour 350 g butter 150 g icing sugar 1 egg Fillings Raspberry jam from Søstrene Grene Icing sugar to make icing You can decorate with sprinkles from Søstrene Grene or freeze-dried raspberries Method Mix flour and icing sugar. Divide the soft butter into smaller...

Food and Recipes

Anna and Clara’s crispy cookies with muesli

Makes: 12 Ingredients 100 g sugar 150 g brown sugar 140 g butter, at room temperature 1 large egg 175 g plain flour 100 g Søstrene Grene’s organic muesli 1 tsp baking powder ½ tsp baking soda 1 tsp salt 1 tsp vanilla sugar 100 g dark chocolate Method Beat...

Food and Recipes

Crispy and hearty salad

Did you know that, botanically, quinoa is neither a grain nor a cereal? It belongs to the Salicornia family, together with spinach and beetroot. Anna and Clara are currently very enthusiastic about quinoa, as it is a good source of fibre and a great supplement to their evening salad. INGREDIENTS...

Food and Recipes


A smell to liven up your home Did you know that spelt is an ancient grain species, dating back to the Bronze Age? Baking with spelt flour ensures a pleasant consistency and more golden bread. Clara even thinks that it adds a wonderful nutty flavour INGREDIENTS 10 G YEAST 550...

Food and Recipes

Home-made granola

For everyday breakfast, Anna often serves her home-made granola which can be scattered over yogurt. She recommends that you put some chocolate crunch on top for a bitter chocolate twist. RECIPE FOR HOME-MADE GRANOLA - for a perfect start to the day INGREDIENTS 90 GR ROLLED OATS · 3 TBSP...

Food and Recipes

Make a home-baked train cake

Anna loves to surprise the family’s little ones with home-baked goodies. Have a peek at the video on how to make and decorate a train cake for children’s parties. Materials: Silicone mold, prices per item EUR 6,87 / GBP 6,77 *RRP Find the items in your local Søstrene Grene from...

Party and Decoration

Ideas for a sweet baby shower

Anna recommends that you celebrate the arrival of precious little ones with a magnificent baby shower. Watch and discover how you can bake sweet pastries and set a festive table. Materials: Silicone mold, prices per item EUR 4,19 / GBP 4,16 Party articles, prices from EUR 0,93 / GBP 0,92...

Food and Recipes

DIY – Brownie mix to the hostess

Anna likes to bring a small present for the hostess whenever she and Clara visit friends. In this video, Anna shows how you can create a home-made brownie mix which your dear ones can finish. Materials: Patent glass, prices from EUR 2,23 / GBP 2,18 Gift cards, prices from EUR...

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