Make a stylish new headboard

Like Anna, you can make a personal headboard that creates a cosy ambience in the bedroom. With few materials – a medium-density fibreboard, foam and the sisters’ new blanket – you can easily make this headboard. Materials: Plaid (100% Cotton), price per item EUR 39,90 / GBP 39,90 *RRP Find...
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DIY – Patches

Add a personal touch to your clothes with sweet and fun patches. Have a look at the video and allow yourself to be inspired by how Anna has decorated a simple t-shirt. INSTRUCTIONS Spray water on the back of the logo embroidery. Place the logo embroidery on the garment. Set...
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DIY – Create your own game of tic-tac-toe

Anna always recommends games that all family members will enjoy. Play the DIY video and see how Anna interprets the traditional game of tic-tac-toe when she makes her own version from a canvas pouch, glitter pens and pebbles. Should you wish to find further DIY videos, you can subscribe to...

DIY – Make your own toiletry bag

Clara is busy planning the sisters’ next trip abroad when Anna comes up with a new, creative idea. Play the video and see how a dish cloth, stich for stich, is transformed into a little toiletry bag, in which Clara can store her toothbrush during the summer travels. This is...
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DIY – Decorative shopping bag

Anna adds a twist to the shopping trip with a decorative shopping bag. Play the video and be inspired by Anna’s canvas tote bag with colourful felt balls and decorative bows made from cotton yarn. Should you wish to find further DIY videos, you can subscribe to Søstrene Grene’s YouTube...
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DIY – Quilted blankets with tassels

Anna prefers blankets that are both warm and decorative. Play the video and watch how Anna, in collaboration with www.monsterscircus.com, is able to decorate a blanket in a very elegant manner. Did you like this post? – please do not hesitate to share it with your friends:
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DIY – Tote bag with spray paint effect

Anna and Clara often go shopping and therefore a chic tote bag is a must have. Play the video and discover how Anna releases her imagination. Did you like this post? – please do not hesitate to share it with your friends:
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DIY – Fabric flower accessories

Anna has spent some of her afternoon making fine hair accessories of Søstrene Grene’s patchwork fabric. Watch the video and be inspired. Did you like this post? – please do not hesitate to share it with your friends:
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DIY – Key hanger

Keep track of your keys with a DIY key hanger! Materials: Carabiner Fabric Ribbon Vlieseline Sewing machine Anna's recipe: Cut 2 x strips of fabric aprox. 6 cm x 45 cm. Cut 2 strips of vlieseline aprox.6 cm x 45 cm. Iron vlieseline on the backside of both fabric strips...
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DIY – Canvas pouch with heart print

Anna wants to make customized canvas pouches for herself and Hilmer since they are perfect for lunchboxes and books. You can chose whichever colour is your favourite. Make the pouch one hundred percent your own, be it with hearts, squares or something else entirely. Anna uses a template to make...
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DIY – Patchwork with triangles

Learn how to make patchwork with Anna and Clara by following these simple steps. Materials: Patchwork fabric Template 16 x 16 x 22 cm Sewing machine Anna's recipe: Cut out a bunch of triangles Combine your triangles and sew them together two and two - right sides together Sew your...
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DIY – Patchwork inspiration

Make little DIY projects out of Søstrene Grene's patchwork fabrics. MAybe your keys need a new hanger? The possibilities are never-ending. You can make either a quilted wallet, a cover for a doll, a pouch for pencils or perhaps a fruit bag. Søstrene Grene hopes that you will enjoy which...
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DIY – Sew bean bags

Make cute bean bags for the little ones. They are easy to make and fun to play with. Anna's recipe: Cut out small squares approx. 10 x 10 cm incl. seam allowance Turn right sides together and sew around three sides leaving one side open Turn right sides outwards Fill...
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DIY – Cloud in felt

Anna made a little pink cloud for a present. If you would like to make your own little cloud, you can see Anna's guide here. Materials: 2 x A4 Felt (Anna´s cloud is two-coloured) Embroider thread Sewing thread Cushion filling or wadding Anna's recipe: Print a template of the cloud...
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DIY – Scrunchies

Anna has been using some time at her sewing machine. You might remember these scrunchies from your childhood? Anna remembers and the thought makes her a little nostalgic. She is making scrunchies for her niece who is planning a weekend visit. A fine little project for all Anna’s left-over fabrics....
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