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Learn how to make fun papier mâché wall decorations

Anna enjoys how the wall decorations add something different to the wall. She suggests that you let the fun and decorative wall decorations adorn the children’s room or break with the traditional photo wall. Furthermore, you can learn how to mix papier mâché in the video. List of materials for...

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Wall decorations

Fun and play with stamps. Tip By making a repeating pattern using the wall stamps, you can create a lovely wallpaper look in a children’s room. Method 1. Paint in freeform an area approximately 25x25 cm in size in your favourite colour. Let the paint dry completely before continuing. 2....

Home and Interior

Printable fairy tales for hanging on the wall or for reading out loud

Place Søstrene Grene’s printable fairy tales in a frame for displaying on the wall before reading them out loud as bedtime stories. Anna and Clara have written a number of rhyming fairy tales which are available in eight different languages. “Big dreams aren’t only for those big and tall, dreams...

Home and Interior

How to use decorative wallpaper

See how creative bloggers have used Søstrene Grene’s decorative wallpaper on walls and in doll’s houses and to create wall art, headboards and even a lampshade. Creativity is all about seeing possibilities where others see constraints. This is one of the key ideas behind Søstrene Grene’s latest home interiors and...

Home and Interior

Add personality with decorative wallpaper

Use Anna and Clara’s three different decorative wallpapers to give your home interiors a personal twist. Watch the video and learn how you can add the wallpaper to a wall in your own home using the sisters’ wallpaper paste. Add personality and character with decorative wallpaper For the first time...

Gift Wrapping

Create your own centre for gift wrapping

Clara has created a practical gift wrap wall hanging to organise the sisters’ preferred gift-wrapping paper and ribbon. “The wall hanging also sets the atmosphere for a moment of contemplation,” Clara believes. Did you like this post? – please do not hesitate to share it with your friends:

Yarn and Recipes

DIY – Canvas with yarn

“Carefully perforate the canvas and then pull the yarn through,” explains Anna as she places the artwork on the table. Materials: Canvas, prices from EUR 0,99 / GBP 0,98 Yarn (100% Wool) , prices from EUR 3,44 / GBP 3,34 *RRP Find the items in your local Søstrene Grene from...

Yarn and Recipes

DIY – Wall art with yarn

Once again, Anna has carried out one of her creative ideas. Have a look at the video and discover how, this time, she has managed to create a colourful wall decoration of yarn. Materials: Yarn (100% wool), price per item EUR 3,44 / GBP 3,34 Yarn (woolblend), price per item...

Home and Interior

DIY – Personal art

Anna prefers to personalise her walls with decorative, homemade pieces. Allow yourself to be inspired by the video and discover how you can create unique decorations for your walls. Materials: Acrylic paint, price per item EUR 1,84 / GBP 1,74 *RRP Find the items in your local Søstrene Grene from...

Home and Interior

DIY – Wall decoration in a black-white-grey design

Anna has been working on creating a wall decoration which with its subdued black-white-grey tones can accentuate the colours of your home. Materials: Frame, prices from EUR 2,79 / GBP 2,62 Pen, prices per pack EUR 1,24 / GBP 1,18 *RRP Find the items in your local Søstrene Grene from...

Home and Interior

DIY – Play with watercolour

Once again, Anna has created some personal art for her walls. Have a look at the video and discover how you can draw fun, secret patterns with candle wax and watercolour. Materials: Watercolour pad, price per pack EUR 4,04 / GBP 4,04 Watercolours, price per pack EUR 3,78 / GBP...


DIY – Artwork with rulers

Rulers can be used for more than just homework, according to Anna. Watch the video and discover how Anna makes graphic art for the walls. Materials: Ruler , prices from EUR 1,39 / GBP 1,31 *RRP Find the items in your local Søstrene Grene from week 30, 2017 and while...

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