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Leather bookmark

Clara uses the wonderful bookmark Anna has made to save the place when she needs to pause her reading. Materials: Leather straps, Price per item from EUR 3.34 / GBP 3.28 Leather string, Price per item from EUR 2.63 / GBP 2.38 Leather EUR 3.92 / GBP 3.84 Punch pliers...


Organise your daily doings in a bullet journal

The sisters have invited Mia from the Instagram profile @my.lavender.journal to show how she organises her daily doings in her bullet journal. About Mia: Behind the inspiring Instagram profile is Mia from Copenhagen, who specializes in Bullet Journaling. Mia started making Bullet Journals as a mindfulness project, as it...


How to make your own bullet journal

The sisters have invited frk_vorre, Danish Instagrammer and bullet journal enthusiast, to show how you can easily get started on bullet journaling. About Johanne  Behind the creative Instagram profile frk_vorre is Johanne at 24 years, who specializes in Bullet Journaling. Johanne started making Bullet Journals, long before she discovered...


Learn how to draw with Anna and Clara

When Anna sits down with a pen and a piece of paper, she likes to draw wonderful unicorns, foxes and rabbits. Watch the video and discover how you can do the same. You can print the template here: Download Did you like this post? – please do not hesitate to...


How to make a Bullet Journal

Tips and tricks from four Bullet Journal enthusiasts For quite a while, Anna and Clara have been wanting to learn how to make bullet journals, and therefore, they recently reached out to the enthusiasts behind three blogs that specialise in bullet journaling: Theresa and Lea from, Svenja from


DIY – Creative calendar with watercolour

The always creative sister, Anna, has just finished her calendar for the new year. Watch and discover how Anna decorates her homemade calendar with watercolour patterns. You can print the template here: Download Materials: Watercolours, price per pack EUR 3,78 / GBP 3,54 Watercolor paper, price per pack EUR 4,04...


DIY – Embroidery on pencil holder

Anna loves doing embroidery while drinking a wonderful cup of tea. Have a peek at the video in which Anna freshens up her home office with a colourful pencil holder. Materials: Embroidery yarn, price per pack  EUR 1,68 / GBP 1,69 Embroidery board, price per pack EUR 2,38 / GBP...


DIY – Wire basket storage for your desk

By combining two wire baskets, Anna manages to create a smart desk organiser for her writing utensils. Have a look at the video in which you step-for-step can learn how to make your own. Find more inspiration for your desk here: Materials: Wire basket, price per item EUR 2,79 /...


DIY – Make your own desk organiser

The sisters suggest that you spoil yourself and your workspace with wonderful storage for your office and writing supplies. You can find more inspiration for your home office here: Materials: Pencil box, FSC cardboard, hexogonal, 4 ass. desig, price per item EUR 1,23 / GBP 1,19 Boxes, FSC, cardboard, hexagonal...

Home and Interior

DIY – Storage jars with magnetic lid

With this simple trick, no pin or clip will ever be lost again, if you ask Anna. What will you store in the magnetic jars? Materials: Self-adhesive foil, price per item EUR 2,77 / GBP 2,63 Storage jars, prices from EUR 1,67 / GBP 1,38 Glue, price per item EUR...

Home and Interior

DIY – Storage jars with dainty details

Anna has come up with the idea to decorate simple storage jars with lovely leather details, and in this video, you can see how. Material list: 1 gram of Lorem ipsum 1 kg of Lorem ipsum 1 gram of Lorem ipsum 1 spoon of Lorem ipsum Did you like this...

Home and Interior

DIY – Homemade bookmark

Anna has created a lovely book tassel, which you can use to begin where you last left off. In this video, you can watch Anna’s creative process when she shows how to make a personal bookmark. Did you like this post? – please do not hesitate to share it with...

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