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Pastel magic for children’s rooms. People always say there is a treasure at the end of the rainbow, so Clara recommends hanging these up in the rooms where your little treasures sleep. Method 1. Cut four lengths of wool yarn, measuring 80 cm, 72 cm, 66 cm and 60 cm,...

Yarn and Recipes

Yarn art on raw canvas

Yarn can be used for all kinds of creative projects, and it is important to challenge yourself, Anna believes. Watch the full video via the link and let yourself be inspired by Anna’s two different motifs for yarn art with different expressions, which both are embroidered with yarn on raw...

Yarn and Recipes

Create reusable yarn make-up remover pads

Cut back on the disposable cotton pads and crochet a collection of reusable yarn make-up remover pads made of the sisters’ soft bamboo yarn consisting of 50 % bamboo and 50 % cotton. This is a crochet project ideal for beginners. TIP: The sisters recommend that you, before use, place...

Yarn and Recipes

Create personal yarn art with loom

A needle in hand, colourful yarn and a loom call for creative hours of contemplation. The sisters’ loom makes it easy to create your own small yarn art pieces, and at the same time, it is a relaxing way to be creative for both older children and adults. List of...

Christmas and Holidays

DIY – Easter decorations for the entire family

Lovely spring chicks and adorable Easter bunnies, Anna is creating both by means of yarn and cardboard, and you can easily make your own. Use them as place cards, to hang in your home or something else entirely. You can print the template here: Download  Did you like this post?...

Yarn and Recipes

Make abstract art

An embroidery hoop, yarn and wool in different colours – these materials can be turned into a unique piece of art for your walls. Have a peek at the video in which Anna shows how. Did you like this post? – please do not hesitate to share it with your...

Home and Interior Yarn and Recipes

Clay ornaments

Anna has made small ornaments that are being displayed on the fresh branches and flowers she just grabbed from the garden. In the video, you can see how you can make ornaments made of clay and yarn yourself. Material: Modeling clays, price per item  EUR 3,64 / GBP 3,63 Yarn,...

Christmas and Holidays

Easter goody bags

Little goody bags can create joy amongst children and childish adults. Have a peek at the video and find out how you can decorate goody bags as sweet Easter rabbits. Materials: Sweety bag, price per pack EUR 1,40 / GBP 1,35 Pom pom maker, price per pack EUR 3,44 /...


DIY – Embroidery on pencil holder

Anna loves doing embroidery while drinking a wonderful cup of tea. Have a peek at the video in which Anna freshens up her home office with a colourful pencil holder. Materials: Embroidery yarn, price per pack  EUR 1,68 / GBP 1,69 Embroidery board, price per pack EUR 2,38 / GBP...

Yarn and Recipes

DIY – Embroidery pendants

On cold January days, Anna likes to bring out her embroidery tools while enjoying a cup of tea. Allow yourself to be inspired by the video in which Anna embroiders a handsome pendant for her nephew Hilmer. Materials: Embroidery yarn, price per pack EUR 1,68 / GBP 1,69 Embroidery tags,...

Gift Wrapping

DIY – Yarn bouquet

Treat one of your loved ones to a fine yarn bouquet. Anna is certain that it will create excitement for any knitting or crochet enthusiast. View and discover how Anna creates a creative yarn bouquet. Materials: Yarn, price per item EUR 1,73 / GBP 1,76 Cellophane, price per item EUR...

Yarn and Recipes

DIY – Canvas with yarn

“Carefully perforate the canvas and then pull the yarn through,” explains Anna as she places the artwork on the table. Materials: Canvas, prices from EUR 0,99 / GBP 0,98 Yarn (100% Wool) , prices from EUR 3,44 / GBP 3,34 *RRP Find the items in your local Søstrene Grene from...

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